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Today I had a doctor’s appointment to find out about my blood tests. My husband and Bro said they wanted to go to physical therapy. It’s in the same location so off we went. Normally I love my doctor and today things went a little bit south. Much to my surprise when my name was called they appeared and went into the exam room with me.

She started asking some general questions and they started answering them all so I took out my notebook and started writing notes. Their opinions could be very valid. Perhaps there was something I could learn.

~ I am getting more and more forgetful

~ I am working too many hours

~ I go to the store too often

~ I eat too many salads

~ I don’t seem to get enough sleep

~ I still get migraines

~ I have not finished the ironing

~ I must be depressed

~ My hair is looking very unhealthy

~ I seem tired and often grumpy

~ I have not spent any time with my friends

I think it was about there that I left the examination room, paid my copay and came home. It really was of no concern to me that they were  about 15 miles from home with no transportation. Clearly things were so bad at home I needed to get back and get that ironing done. 

No this  is not fiction. It’s what just happened late this afternoon.

What do you think?

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  1. I would leave you with the words of John Boyd.

    Change the orientation of the observer and the results will change as well.

    His argument was that no matter what we view if we are not careful we will leap to the wrong conclusion.

    Go through the list, pick the things that fit what you believe. Throw the rest out. Be the captain of your ship!!!!

  2. Wow! What was the outcome when they were left without any transportation? It felt like you were attacked. Maybe there’s some validity to parts of that? Working too much, being tired? We’re here to support you!

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