HubPages is one of the last content sites where you can still write articles and make money. I’m not sure how many are still making a LOT of money, but the front page of the site claims a few that are making hundreds per month.

My experience has been different. I started writing at HubPages six years ago. I never wrote much there, and didn’t make much money. I’ve yet to reach payout.

Recently I’ve started to write at HubPages again. I deleted or moved most of my articles that weren’t featured. I revamped a few, getting them to the featured stage. I’ve been writing more articles, and now between the old and the new I have 40 articles, or “Hubs”.

All but three are featured. I am still working on the unfeatured Hubs to get them to featured status. I like those articles and don’t want to delete or move them elsewhere.

In the last few weeks I have seen my income from HubPages steadily growing. So I will keep at it for now. My goal for November is to reach 75 Hubs. if I write one Hub a day, I will reach my goal. This should be easy for me.

I like the fact that I make money both from Adsense and HubPages ads. That is two sources of passive income from the same effort.

For now, I will keep writing on Hubpages because I enjoy it, and I also make a little bit of cash along the way.


What do you think?

Written by riverwild