How Howie Survived – 8

Howie, fed up of working for Stan Satan, the Boss From Hell, had implemented various self survival strategies.

Before his implementation, during the first segment of his torture, Howie had allowed it.  He had come to work each day on time, signed into the Registry, reached his desk, began his tasks until assaulted by Stan Satan.

Usually it was insults and criticisms which were unwarranted and unprovoked. Usually it was demands to redo work which was perfect.

Howie’s desk was always loaded, he rarely ate lunch.

This led to the  second segment, Howie when began to regain his personhood.  He came to work on time, signed in, then did nothing for thirty minutes. He set his working day to be no more than three hours and kept to the pattern. Taking time, delaying output, so that it became so normal for him that he didn’t even need to count minutes, he could feel them.

Now, was time for the third segment; unworking.


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Written by jaylar