How Howie Survived – 6

Howie, deciding to ‘fight back’  against Stan Stan, the master of Hell Office,  set up his protocol.  He would work no more than Three Hours a day.   He would enter the office at the set time, but do no work for the first thirty minutes.   He would stop working during the last thirty minutes.   This took one hour from the Eight.

He would use his full one hour lunch break,  which now left six hours.   His mission was to use three of those hours to NOT WORK.

This would require some effort, and he planned them.

Firstly, at thirty minutes after starting time he would work on a file on his desk.   He would work for fifteen minutes.  Stan Satan should arrive at that time to insult him.   He would stop working and adopt a subserviant posture while Satan sputtered.   The minutes taken by Stan, his boss, counted as Work.

He would then match the time spent ‘working’ to time spent on the Internet.   When the two matched, he would clear all history on the computer, and go to the bathroom.

He would return in fifteen minutes.

He would get through until lunch working no more than ninety minutes all told.  He would go to lunch, return,  bring up the document, work fifteen minutes, then surf the net for twenty minutes, then erase history, go to the bathroom for fifteen.

He would then finish his afternoon ninety minutes,  which would leave him somewhere around his thirty minute shutting down window.

He would erase history, run his virus detectors, move around his desk, and then get to sign out and escape the Office in Hell.

It wasn’t easy for Howie to turn what had been a seven hour work day to three hours, but after four days, he was a master.


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Written by jaylar