How Howie Survived – 5

Howie had treated work as if he had made a vow to ‘do my alloted task with unflagging faithfulness’.

He had focused on the work as if it were important. That was the chain. This was what chained him to the Office in Hell working for Stan Satan. All he had to do was delete that ‘vow’ and implement the one that said, ‘do as little as I can get away with.’

It was a strange transformation for Howie, but it was necessary and effective.

He looked at the desk full of folders and said softly;  “This is not my work. This is Stan’s work.  And I don’t care.”  He had to repeat that last sentence three times to tattoo it on his soul. Mentally he could see himself knocking the folders to the floor and dancing on them.

But he sat at his desk, working on how few hours of an eight hour day he would contribute to work and confirmed that, three hours,  one hundred and eighty minutes scattered over eight hours was his goal.

During the remaining ‘sentence’ in hell; that is five hours, he would take one for lunch, he would kill one in nothing for the first thirty minutes of arrival and second thirty minutes. This left an equal three hours in which he was going to do nothing at all but waste time.

He began to plan how to spend those three hours.


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Written by jaylar