Tale of a Business Trouble Shooter – Part 6 (a)

Demotivation – Boss From Hell

When an employee loses all that motivates then they no longer have use to the business. Very often this demotivation is the result of a Boss from Hell, as well  as placing a person in ‘power’ without the ‘power’.

A Boss From Hell makes the workers unwork. He insults, abuses, and the business suffers. This is the result of ‘unwork.’

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Unwork is a bit beyond doing nothing. It is not seeing a stack of files and leaving them sit, it is misfiling them, misplacing them,  and, in some cases, destroying them. It is not leaving work undone, it is doing actions which make the work, longer, or impossible. For example, having to mix particular colours of paint, and mixing others, so that not only isn’t the yellow and red mixed to make the required orange, but blue and red is mixed to make purple. This wastes the paint on top of not doing the work.

The workers will, for example, take five days to paint a room which should take one, and paint water based paint over oil based, so that in a short time, the paint will crack.

Getting rid of the Boss would be ideal, but of course, unless there are enough persons above him, he will remain until bankruptcy.


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Written by jaylar