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It’s not a new day, but it is a new Virily day. In order to participate fully without writing another post would be as follows. Make 50 comments. Read 50 new articles (I don’t think there are 50 I have not read.) Take 100 quizzes that I  have not taken. (I don’t think there are 100 quizzes that I have not taken.) Take 100 polls that I have not taken. (Again I don’t believe there are 100 polls that I have not taken.)

I think I can probably make 50 comments. I may be able to read 10 of each that I have not read, but that leaves me running backwards every day. That was not exactly the goal and scoop that  I was looking for. So the typical response is try and come up with a viable plan and is efficient and benefits everyone on the site. The more successful each and very person is, the more successful all are.  Teamwork and logic will work if the players understand the value of a team win where everyone plays a part. I am hoping that by the end of the week December 15 there will be at least 10 people who “get it”. 

Read often, follow the logic, do what makes sense and see if teamwork works for you.


What do you think?


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  1. You had me until I saw the picture of Ice Cream. I always try to read 10 specific writers and posters every day if I can. I fail many days but I try every day!

    I am not sure how to react to the whole reading and not commenting thing. I guess I am torn. I get frustrated with the pedantic (great pictures, good post!) or worse (awesome@@@@@@@@@@) when they use punctuation to get to 20 characters. Cut and paste comments drive me nuts as well.

    I guess my goal is to leave a meaningful comment (Like Albert does) for every post I read!

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