Happy Trails IT’S MONDAY!!

Hello everyone  welcome  back. I was going to try and purchase  something  with my Sweatcoin  earnings  and I saw that the money you make is only for like discounts  on some neat stuff but when you get to the end, well let’s start off that they had a cool hat that I wanted and I had enough  sweat coins to purchase  straight out but the hat was like 30 bucks and with my Sweatcoin  I had like 50 bucks  more than enough right. Well I went to check out and i had a bad feeling  going into this but I took a chance. Anyway  got to checkout  and it said you still owe 20 bucks  in cash I’m like WHAT! So I read further and found out they only took $10 Sweatcoins off and cash for rest.Wow really! Secerialy! Lol word I came up with.

What are your thoughts would you keep them or not? Just asking.



What do you think?

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