Hanging in the Balance

Changes are often hard to deal with. When resources that you used everyday to do your job and everything seems to be different in a matter of a few weeks that leaves things hanging in the balance. They assure you that it will be fine. Though somehow that is not so reassuring.

Hanging in the balance is something that some handle well and others do not.  At least half of the staff is crying and wringing their hands. The other half is not that obvious and tension is so tight it is smothering.

This was the beginning plot of a movie I started watching. My husband asked if I was going to continue to watch the stupid movie. ( I think that was code for “I want to watch the western that we’ve seen a hundred times.)

I told he I would stop watching if he would tell me the end.

Does anyone want to know what happened?


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter