Greggs delivery driver hands out meals to stranded motorists on a road

This is one incredible story that happened recently on the A1 highway in Linidisfame Northumberland that stranded a large number of motorists due to snow on the road,

Jon Gowling who is a delivery driver from Greggs bakery decided to take quick action and give away for free some cakes, donuts and other pastries from his delivery truck to the stranded motorists who were not going any where for a long time.

Gowling made this decision to give away the pastries from his delivery truck for the simple reason that had he not given away the free pastries to the stranded motorists on the A1 highway, the pastries would be going to the waste basket.

The motorists were very happy to receive the free donuts, cakes and pasties from Jon who has been praised by his bosses at Greggs for doing his part to assist motorists who were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on a snowy day.

Jon does know that the giving principle is one way to gain customers for his employer and get himself some good publicity as an employee who cares for his customers.


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    • It is a rule that if a delivery driver cannot make his rounds to deliver the food to his destination due to a natural disaster, the options are to dump the food as a loss or give it away to someone who really needs the meals. Jon did the right thing handing out the pastries to the stranded drivers.

  1. that’s something that you just don’t hear or read about very often that’s SUPER cool
    see it’s people like that we love to hear about more than we do on the news or online.

    if you know that person tell him god bless cause he is a hero in gods eyes for what
    he does to help those in need,

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