Give it Time – 85 – (end)

Mike wondered if he were dreaming.  Everything was too perfect; Emily, the job, and now this flat.

He stood stunned.

Emily, realising she had overwhelmed him,  stepped back, allowing him to take in the perfection of the  apartment where she lived.

Slowly she walked to the bedroom Mike would occupy, and in time he joined her.   His ran over the bed, the desk, the built in closet, the large window.

“I’ll take it!”  he exclaimed, “How much is the rent?”

Emily told him.   The rent  was virtual pocket change.  Mike stood, staring, then stumbled to the living room.  He sat on the sofa, getting the feel of the place.  

“Pinch me… cause I’m dreaming…” he says.

“Dreams come true,” she smiles

He put out his hand, she took, it, he brought her to his lap.

Dreams do come true.



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Written by jaylar


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