Give It Time – 55

.Sitting on the veranda of the hotel, looking into darkness, Mike turned to Emily.   They enjoyed a platonic ‘romance’.  

Taking a breath he said; 

“In one way I want to move our relationship into the romance column, but I’m afraid to lose this important friendship aspect. “

He expected her to speak, she didn’t.  He let his eyes glide over the dark tree before him,  as if there were answers somewhere amid the leaves.

Mike pondered what would happen if Emily left the Firm and went a hundred miles away.   He was exaggerating the distance but could not ignore that because they worked together, they had a professional connection.  This was a foundation of their relationship.

If their relationship did not move beyond this ‘potential’ level it would not be that difficult to conclude.

The season was coming to an end, there would be no Friday games.   Letting the relationship end on this note would let her go to her future, he to his.

After all, nothing happened.


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Written by jaylar

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