Catching Karma – Part 26

Marie had returned from the first vacation she had taken in years. The first vacation she had ever taken alone. There were no kids, no husband, just her.

Returning to her Condo, not wanting to jump back into her world, she’d taken an extra day.

Now, at her desk, in her office, she called her daughter, Steffie.

After a few quick amenities, Steffie told her how Rose, Charley’s girlfriend had died. How he had been left with enormous hospital bills.

Steffie recounted how Charley had lost everything and was now living in their son, Craig’s, basement. How, to pay the debts he had incurred during Rose’s treatment, Charley had to grab a job.

A low paying, low status job.

Charley, who a few years ago had owned his own business, had owned half a house with his wife, Marie, was now farther down the totem pole then he had been the day, that day, over thirty years ago, when they married.

The words rolled over Marie as a fog, and glancing at the calendar noted that today would have been their thirty third wedding anniversary.


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Written by jaylar

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