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Gallagher Arrested for War Crimes

April 2019 News

Special Operating Chief Edward Gallagher was seen stabbing and killing many civilians by many Navy Seals. About seven Navy Seals wanted to speak out and report Gallagher for such war crimes, but they were told to shut up. They eventually forced an investigation on this matter, which led to arresting Gallagher on many war crimes charges. Gallagher’s trial will start on May 28th, and a conviction could lead to a life in prison. Let’s hope he will be made an example for other stupid people out there in society.

Democracy Now Amy Goodman interviews New York Times journalist and correspondent Dave Phillips about the Navy Seals war crimes.

Democracy Now talks about the Navy Seals were being encouraged to remain silent about war crimes in Iraq. I guess there were some were wanted to speak out, as the Zionist Media was reporting lies for their agenda and the internet people were reporting the truth in blogs and videos.


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