First Dollar On Virily!


This is good, I just earned my first one dollar $1 on Virily! My virils accumulated to a little over a thousand! This is making sense cause I joined only a couple of days ago with six(6) posts to my credit. I don’t need anyone to tell me I am doing well because I am sure that is the situation.

This means I can hope for more and with extra effort, I will be raking in thousands of virils, (more dollars for me!). Yes, dreams do come true!

I don’t know if this other good news should be shared or I should keep it to myself. What is your opinion?

The good news is that my level has changed and I am now on the “Sky Rocket” stage! Just watch and see how like a rocket I will tear through the skies with immense speed!

If this post gets published, I will earn some virils

If anyone views and comment on this post, it means I get some virils!

Wow! The post is worth writing cause I might earn more dollars if I am lucky!


What do you think?

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