What a fine way to get welcomed into the neighborhood

Hello everyone this just shocked me from no end. Me and my wife been living in our home for more than 6 years now and not had a problem what so ever people was nice and really cool even had a few get together on special events.

Then one day those people find a better place and they sell the home that they was in. Place got fixed up and new people move in and they have not been there a few days and some of our stuff that was sitting outside for the longest time disappeared yesterday and we confronted them and and they had no clue what was going on then later that day I saw them bringing our stuff to the curb and marking free on them and someone else came and picked it up now what you think is that theft or what. Just still in shock why would you lie like that.


What do you think?


  1. Oh boy, you are going to have problems with them. I am really sorry. bad neighbors suck, kill em with kindness, bring them a housewarming gift, or bake something and take it over to welcome them.