Fate Can Be Kind – 6

Emma ran down the road, tears blinding her. Never had she felt more stupid.

She had seen Parker, fallen in love with him, thought he loved her. She attributed his interest to love. How he spoke to her, how he smiled, how he took her out on dates, how he bought her little gifts.

She thought it was love.

It wasn’t. He didn’t love her. Parker did not love her, she was no more than a casual hook up. A stupid girl on her first job, who didn’t know the game, who he’d play as long as he felt like it.

As Emma came to the entrance of her building, she stopped, caught her breath. She couldn’t face her parents like this.

When composed, she entered the building. She walked to the elevator, in and up to her floor. She  emerged, walking slowly, reached her door and unlocked it and entered

It was nine forty, her parents were  awake, in their room, watching T.V.

Emma called out, then went into the bathroom. She wanted to shower but did not. If she did, it would be proclaiming that ‘something happened’ so she just brushed her teeth and popped out, into her room.

She carefully hung up her clothes.

“Emma, you alright?” her mother had called.

“Oh Yeah…” she replied.

“We’ll talk tomorrow..” her mother said, who, being a Mommy person, knew something was wrong.


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Written by jaylar

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