Fate Can Be Kind – 5

Emma had stared at  Parker. Just stood and stared in shock when he defined their relationship as a ‘hook-up’,

He had returned her stare, looking at her as if she were an idiot.

Every second of that interlude was branded in her mind.

He had stared at her, and she had walked away. Walked away, faster and faster into the night, She saw the bus and jumped on.

She had sat on the bus, so confused she almost passed her stop. She would have passed her stop if the person sitting next to her hadn’t jarred her when he stood. When she looked around, she realised…and followed him off.

She had gotten off the bus. She was two blocks from her house. She began to run, run as if pursued by demons. Run, with tears rolling down her face, unable to believe this man she loved, this idea of a soul mate, of forever, had been a complete fallacy.

She had never felt so wrong in her life.


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Written by jaylar

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