Fat Girl – Part VIII

Now that I had lost weight and looked reasonably okay, I figured to give myself the experience of romance. Nothing breath taking, nothing deep, just a taste.

A lot of men, many with money and position had wanted to date me.  As I knew they were only looking for that precious VISA I was not going to have sex with them.

In fact, I admit, I used them.

I used them to go to certain prestigious venues, to have expensive wine. I used them just as they were attempting to use me. I considered that I would only have sex  with the ‘ideal’ man.

My ideal was a reasonably attractive man with smooth skin. A man who perked my desire. If I had any.

Interestingly, I met another Peace Corp worker who was fairly close to my ideal man. I figured it was a better bet to have a relationship with him than a local, for he would not be looking for a VISA.

Even if he was looking for a good time, it was better to be the object he was looking for a good time with, then a big blank with a VISA attachment.

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