Fat Girl – Part VI

Three months later the bra was on it’s tightest setting and dropping off. I realised I had lost a lot of weight. It didn’t really dawn on me until then.

I looked at my ‘Enemy’ (The mirror) and I was almost ‘normal’. I wasn’t thin, no, but I wasn’t that fat.

I thought to myself that since I was almost normal size it would be fun to experience ‘normal’ before I died. I decided to buy a nice outfit, have my hair done at a hotel beauty salon.

Sure it was expensive, but I had no reason to save money as I had set my suicide to fall two months after my birthday.

I hadn’t killed myself when I was twenty, (as planned) because I hadn’t done enough to give my parent’s anything to say. I had been forced to extend my ‘dead line’ to twenty one.

Now it was pushed back to twenty two.

As my contract was nearly up and my death virtually ‘booked’, I decided to enjoy my last few weeks of live and being in this remote little country.

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Written by jaylar

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