Falling Into Fantasy – 2

Maria stared at Spinner,  unable to speak. Having been virtually dragged to the Club to hear him play, never imagining that he would be so perfect to her eyes, she was catatonic.

Some one called him, he broke the gaze, and moved from the table towards the stage. Maria stared after him.

If someone spoke to her, she didn’t hear. If the club was on fire, she wouldn’t notice. There was one person in her world and that was Spinner, who was now on the stage, with his guitar, and now began to play.

She didn’t recognise a single tune, but she knew he could play well. The audience was with him every note, and applauded wildly after each tune.

Her Crowd, which filled two large tables, was admitting how good he was, and she was nodding, repeating it.

The set ended, Spinner spoke to other people before reaching their table. When he reached he was talking to Mark and Tony, and she stared at him. He gave her a glance and she babbled about how good he was, and he nodded and turned back to Mark, then moved off.

Her Crowd rose to leave, and she wished she could stay here, here with Spinner forever.


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Written by jaylar