Everyone's Situation is Unique…

and that may mean they view things in very different ways and are here for very different reasons. Things have changed drastically in my home and with the health in my home. The most important thing in my home right now is to keep family members as safe and as comfortable as I can. This means my attitude has to be upbeat and compassionate. It is essential for me at this time to stay away from negativity. So if the posts are about things that are wrong, sad, need to be fixed or complaining, I plan on avoiding them. It doesn’t mean that I don’t care about the people, it’s about me and my family. It is about finding hope in what feels like a hopeless time. 

I am hopeful that I will find plenty to read here and if I don’t that is fine too. Really what is most important to me is my family first, friends second and strangers come third. 

I am not concerned about virils, I am concerned about people. There were times when my priorities have been different. Sure I hope to make some money and if I don’t, I am still grateful for the many friends I have here. My friends will understand and I won’t worry about the rest. 

Feel free to message me if you think there is a great post I should read. Feel free to message me if you think there is something I should avoid. 

I am going to carry my family through this the best way I know-how. 

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