Donald Trump – Mexican Refugees will be shot on border If stoning on forces

US President Donald Trump said that the refugees entering in the United States from Mexico would be shot directly if they throw stone on border patrol.

US President Donald Trump has addressed a gathering at the end of the election campaign in the mid-term election, and announced an executive order to prevent the refugees from entering the United States next week.

The US President further added that refugee are taking advantage of American immigration laws and systems, therefore, the White House administration has ordered such an executive order to be prepared, which will reduce the movement of asylum seekers by removing legal flaws and difficulty in entering the United States.

Analysts said US President Donald Trump is fueling the fire to get success in campaign for mid-terms election. Which can get support from American nationalists, and these presents lead to prejudice and hatred in America.

Be clear -recently President Trump’s controversy and hate-minded man, sent a parcel to US President Barack Obama and President Clinton, including Hilary.


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  1. I am surprised, I had not heard him say that they would shoot those who throw rocks, but I imagine that
    is reasonable. If people were throwing rocks at me I would protect myself with anything necessary.

    I am not certain who the analysts were, but Eric Holder called on everyone to “kick them when they are down” Maxine Watters said to get a crowd, tell them they are not wanted, kick them out, Cory Booker said to get in their face” There is plenty of blame to spread and still the person responsible for making the fake bombs and sending the fake bombs is in jail. He made the final decision.

    Personal responsibility is still the way we prosecute and innocent until proven guilty.