A dog is rescued by the authorities from a 30 foot pit in Tennessee

Welcome everyone to another incredible rescue story from Norris Tennessee that happened on Saturday morning which stared as a tough rescue of a hound dog named Tanner.

Tanner was reported missing by his owner on Friday when the male dog was last seen at the Loyston Recreation section of Lake Norris Tennessee.

The Union County Sheriff’s Department along with the Tennessee Valley Authority went to the Loyston Recreation section when they were able to locate the dog named Tanner who fell into a 30 foot pit and he needed to be rescued.

The reason that Tanner was able to be located was that the dog must have made noise by barking to get the attention of any person who would be able to make an effort to be rescued. It also helped that Tanner had a GPS chip implanted so he could make it easier to find him if he ever got lost.

The Knoxville Volunteer Emergency Rescue Squad sent four team members to the area where Tanner fell down into the pit. The team members used a rope rescue method to pull out Tanner from his trouble spot with two team members of the rescue team were lowered into the pit where Tanner was found while the other two team members held the rope so it would make it easier to rescue the dog..

Thanks to the courageous work of the rescue team, Tanner was saved from death by being taken out of the pit and into the home of his owner a few hours later.

How and why the dog fell into the pit remains a mystery.

These kinds of rescue stories are just wonderful to report since these authority figures are our real heroes who risked life and limb to rescue a dog that needed to be rescued..

The debate from many animal lovers is that the tracking device that are implanted on animals is either useful or harmful to the animal. In this case, it saved the life of Tanner. And that is what really counts in this blog.


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