Dating Site – 20

The Therapist came to them.  She told them she knew of another woman who’d had the same experience and had posted her number on the bulletin board, just in case.

“We need to contact her!” Nicole exclaimed.

Nora agreed, and they got out of the chairs, and walked to the phone, as if the past months evaporated into the sky.

Nora felt, as did Nicole, as if they had woken from a very nice dream.

Yes, in one way she was Mrs. Davisr, mother of three sons, wife of Trevor yet, she could simultaneously see herself as having been an actress in play.

As they spoke to this new member of their ‘team’ on the phone, they were simultaneously shocked and yet they felt a sense of confirmation.

Within the week they bother were discharged and went home to their parents. Nicole called Nora that evening, and the next came to collect her so they could meet Sybil Bell, the woman who’d posted her number on the bulletin board.


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