Dating Site – 23

Nora, Nicole and Sybil decided to post an Ad. It was easy. Post a banner ad, get responses.

They decided on the innocuous; “Did you meet your husband through an Internet Ad?”

Most of the respondents told typical stories. Nothing special.  But there were a few who seemed to match their experiences. A few women who either called the name of the site Nora or Nicky or Sybil had used,  or relayed the kind of experience that singled her out as ‘one of them’.

“We have to be careful;” Sybil reasoned. I think the men are telepathic.”

Nora was about to make one of those dismissive laughs, but the words, the first words she’d exchanged with Trevor, were evidence. She had never entered a word about herself in answer to that ad; how would he have known anything about her?

“You’re more than right,” she contributed to the conversation. “And I also think they are not… physical… not until… we chose. Then they take up or take control of a body, the body that matches the photograph.”

Although they made alarmed faces, the words had lived in their subconscious.

After some consideration, they decided to meet the women who were currently in relationships with men just like the ones they had married.  They decided on a Starbucks in town.

Unfortunately, their car was involved in a horrific collision, and the women were burned beyond recognition.


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Written by jaylar

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