Dating Site – 22

Sitting in a quiet cafe, three women shared their stories. Three women, who had lived different lives, shared their story. The same story.

Three women had answered ads for different dating sites and all had the same experience. All three had answered the ad, had an immediate response and whether they jumped then or a few days later, met the man, a perfect man, they would marry.

Three women who had married and bore three children. Three women, whose husbands died tragically.

“Before my husband ‘died’,” Sybil said, looking from Nora to Nicole, pausing at the final word to set it off in finger quotes; “Cathy was telling me how she met her husband; on line in “Matchamake”, it was the same procedure,” she drew a circle in the air with her finger to include them, “we all know.”

She took a dramatic sip of her wine, then continued;

“I’d met Cathy at an Office Party, it was a random conversation. Later, thinking about it, I rang her up. We started to talk about our lives, the funny parallels” And with a pause; “My husband and children died a week later.”   And after a moment’s silence;   “Her husband and children were gone the following week.”

“No bodies to bury.” Nora attached.

They nodded. No bodies to bury. Maybe there were no bodies.

“We need to find someone currently in a relationship…”  Nicole reasoned.

They stared at her sagely, then nodded.


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