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Trevor was doing well so Nora didn’t need to work. She could stay home with their son. She gave notice and happily became a full time Stay at Home Mom.

Gabe was a good baby.  He didn’t cry much and was sleeping through the night at the age of 19 Days. Her mother did find it a bit odd, but then, since he was well fed, well looked after all day, it wasn’t that peculiar.

Trevor bought home a cute potty chair and wanted to start toilet training Gabe when he was three months old. Nora had no anti to Trevor’ pro, especially when he placed Gabe on it and encouraged him, and he did use it.

When he was six months old he would call ‘pot tee’  when he wanted to go, and Nora realised her son was extremely advanced for his age. Trevor and her folks claimed it was due to a full time mother.

By eight months, Gabe had a bit of a vocabulary, not just Mama and Dada and Pot Tee, but cold, hot, thirsty.

Every time Nora felt it was a bit strange she would be told that this is the result of a full time Mother.

By one year, Gabe was walking,  not toddling. And his vocabulary had increased. Nora  wanted to have him tested, sure he was a genius, but Trevor was against it;  “Let’s not make him a Lab Rat…”

Further, Nora didn’t have  that much time to dwell on Gabe, she was pregnant again.


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