Dating Site – 11

Nora Linton had never experienced such perfect happiness in her left. That is because Greg Daniels was perfect. She loved him beyond her belief she could love, and felt something was wrong. Something was impossible.

She introduced him to her parents and they were as impressed with him as she was. She wasn’t crazy, this wasn’t impossible.

They were married two months after their first date, and life was joy.

Greg had money and owned a beautiful house, and wanted her to decorate it as she choose… but she saw no reason to change anything, for it was exactly as she she would have it.

Nora wanted to spend every moment with Greg, and would not work overtime or go anywhere that he could not be with her.

After one year of marriage she was pregnant and shortly gave birth to her first child. Her labour was not difficult,  nor had been her pregnancy.  He was such a perfect little boy, and their called him Gabriel.


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