A Crazy Journey – Part 6

Lorraine dressed in a semi-cheap pants suit that had lived at the back of her closet. She went to the airport with a knap sack as if she were in primary school. She found herself ridiculous, but enjoyed it.

She enjoyed every second of being an irresponsible silly over aged teenager going to a ridiculous ‘Con’ for a never was actor who appeared on a forgotten Scifi show.

It wasn’t as if she were going to see the premier of a significant motion picture or play. She was not going to attend an important lecture. She was going to waste time and money at something so silly that she cracked up every time she tried to say it to herself.

She boarded her plane, put the knapsack in the overhead compartment, and took her seat.  The plane was not especially crowded so most middle seats were empty.

It was a pleasant flight and when she landed she caught a cab to the bus station and had only thirty minutes to wait for her connecting ride. This was no luck. She had booked, but considering all things was almost surprised the plane wasn’t late or the bus hadn’t been removed.

There were a number of women like her on the bus.  Dressed in jeans or slacks, with a tourist kind of tilt.

One of the loud mouthed ones asked;  “Anyone Going to the Con?”


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