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Could placenta be the key to defeating Covid-19?

In the current epicenter of the coronavirus sits Brooklyn Hospital Center in New York City.  Over the past two months, around 200 babies have been born in the midst of the pandemic.  Although some of the ladies that were pregnant at the time had contracted Covid-19, none of the women that gave birth and none of the infants have died at this particular hospital.

This important statistic needs to be researched because there has been a 100% success rate.  The key to preserving all of these lives during this trying time could be the placenta.

During pregnancy, the woman’s uterus creates an extra organ called the placenta.  The placenta attaches itself to the uterus and provides oxygen and nutrients to the infant while removing waste.  The extra oxygen ensures that the pregnant woman or the infant will not succumb to full respiratory failure.

Fortunately, some doctors are experimenting with patients by injecting placenta cells into coronavirus patients.  Last week, six people recovered in Israel with the help of this treatment.  Hopefully, this placenta therapy will continue to work because this method would be way better than other methods that have been tossed around so far.


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