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Color Craze Blue: The place of my solace

The waves heard all my screams

The water tasted all my tears

The place witnessed how I falter and how I stand

This place is where I am during my ups and down.


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    • Hello there my friend, thanks you for liking my post. This is in the Philippines, Bicol Region. I really love this place, this where I grew up. I would sneak from my parents just to play along with my friends and swim all day. Never minding if I get sunburn.

      • Ah okay, well that makes since then, you have a beautiful country! We used to sneak the horses out and take them to the beach here. lol Swim all day! Those were the days.

        • yes, those were the days, and how I wish I am stuck on those days, life was very simple here, with a lot of fresh fish from the sea, sleeping in the cottage at the seashore. Our cottage was damaged by several typhoons and now gone.

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