Can you remember 619 Sins …the very head Spins … in awe of Levitucus

Can you remember

January to December

the Bible Book of Levitucus

is hanging over Us

God save us

from the folly


or appearance of giving In

to One Hundred

or 619 awful ways to Sin

The priest of the old Testament

Had no penicillin

or holy remedy

to heal up our Skin

Tattoo was an abomination

rounding  a man’s hair

would cause a Sensation

Let us forgive

and as the master’s words

forgive us or trespasses

as we forgive those

who trespass against

What the Master

said was Clean

allowed us to Start over

in humility and love

over and over Again

All you need is Give

of your kindness and love

and repent and relent

and let the

Blessing from our Thankfullness

fill up with divine love

With in.

All you need is Live

If the Bible book Leviticus

has 619 sins

including Death for a Tattoo

or round a man’s hair

what can save me or You

Sins are wagging tails behind Them

Ask for forgiveness not blind them

Give respect to get it

Tell only truth

then Bet It.

and love will set it

and heaven comes flying

to invite You In

What do you think?

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Written by Johndavisnearby

LET loose the Night
to play its strings in my Heart
the Music of the Ages
has a Beat from the Start
A Tit a Tat
and the Tap of a Shoe
Even the Muses listen to YOU
A Lute a Flute
Cello and violin Too
O Night of the Soft Winds
the children of Earth
Listen to YOU

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