Boats Out of Water – 5

This is the 300 ton lift in the Port Townsend boatyard with a boat recently plucked from the water. You can see the cab on the right where the driver controls the lift. The lift was parked here while a space for the boat to rest is being prepared. When they drive this thing they need people on the ground due to the lack of visibility from the cab. The building on the left is a normal sized building. The scale of this lift is impressive to see.

The boat being carried is the “Northern Sage” from Valdez, Alaska. That’s a pretty cool name for a vessel. I couldn’t find out much about this one other than it is registered as a recreational boat and was built in 1964. Boats come and go constantly from the boatyard and I like to walk around and see what is there at the moment. The cafes there are also part of the attraction for me with good food and very interesting people. Oh, and nothing fancy – not even.

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