Białowieża Forest (Bjalovježa)

Białowieża Forest (Bjalovježa) is a rainforest, which is located on both sides of the Polish-Belarusian border (100 km2 in Poland, 1771 km2 in Belarus). In prehistoric times of this type of forest is spread through a significant part of the plains. However, gradually cut in the original state has been preserved only in Bjaloveškom area. Białowieża Forest has the largest number of different species of plants and animals in Europe.

The most famous animals bjaloveška the European bison, which is the biggest European mammal, the last representative of European wild bulls. Of the other large herbivores have deer, wild boar, elk, deer, and the carnivorous wolf, fox, lynx and others. Bjaloveških average age of trees is 100 years old, but some parts of the forest have an average age of 250-350 years. The forest was registered more than a thousand trees-old men (400-600-year-old oaks, 250-350-year-old pine and aspen, 200-250-year-old fir). The forest is open to tourism. In the Belarusian part with hotels, sports complexes, water walking, horse and car excursions.

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