Another All Nighter Coming On

I can feel another all nighter coming on. I stayed up all night last night till nine or so this morning. I can feel it’s going to happen again. I only got three hours of sleep.

I am feeling better than I was, but still manic. The hallucinations have passed, but I still feel a weird energy. I’ve been writing and painting all day. I am trying to avoid thinking about certain things by keeping busy. It isn’t working really well.

My boyfriend got off work early to stay with me, and cancelled his game. He’s a great guy.

I usually know about by four or so if it’s going to be all night. Then I make coffee at about 530, mainly because I’ve been waiting so long to have it. No coffee between six pm and 530 am. That’s my rule for myself.

I have a Netflix movie to watch tonight, which I will do around nine. It is about King Arthur. I don’t remember ordering it, maybe my boyfriend did. I’m not sure, I have a lot of stuff waiting in line. I don’t have TV, so a movie every few days is a nice treat for me. Otherwise I entertain myself by reading or watching Youtube videos.

I will be writing a lot of bloggish personal posts in the days to come, mainly because I don’t get any readers on my blog, and I like writing about my life.

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