And your super power or talent is…..

Everyone has a talent. I remember my mother said I has a talent for messing up folded clothes.  I suppose she was not giving me a compliment. I am certain I was just digging through look for something that was pink. However, the way she posed it I was proud that I had a talent for something. (I was four at the time and still I remembered it and had it noted in the journal my Mom helped me write every day.)

I really do believe everyone has some talents. Some that most appreciate and others that they may not.  As a practice with self esteem and true self evaluation I think it is a good idea at least once a year to make a note of all your talents. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that  get practice by telling others about their great talents.

Amazing things can happen when people look for positive things. So don’t be a sundial in the shade!


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter

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