Advice I got from Another

I consider myself pretty good at taking advice from others. When someone says, you are doing this wrong let me help you I most often feel relieved. Sometimes I take advice that is totally incorrect and I pay the price. I took the advice so I am responsible. The person who gave me the advice I believe did it in good faith and the consequences were different for both of us. To avoid problems like this I have tried to get some clarification for the future. So far I have not heard from the source. In this case the source would be the administration at Virily.

I don’t often comment on posts because I do not understand spam comments and how they are administered. I know there are a certain number of characters that are requires. It seems like some are skirting around this by adding meaningless characters. When I first started I would write I enjoyed your post on a few in a row and a very nice person explained it was spam. I stopped doing it. I stopped commenting most of the time. The rules are not clear. Would a post be approved with a lot of extra characters instead of actual words? My common sense cannot be “trusted” on the site. As you all know I have been labeled in a number of ways for trying to take the advice of others and share it for what I considered would make the site more consistent.

So when the clarification comes from the site at least I will know what is correct. Until then, I will be very careful with my comments and communications.


What do you think?

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  1. I guess its a good thing to be able to accept advises and then take responsible for it. Many people ask for advise in hope of hearing only what they want to hear … They’ll even get mad if you don’t agree with them or if your advises are opposite of what they expect.

    I personally find negative “advises” a little hard to handle. So I actually admire your openness to advises.

    As for the spams part, I think well, as you say, it maybe more appropriate for the admin to answer. And sometimes, spam can be hard to determine. A good intention could become spam if done wrongly.

    • Probably so…… but you won’t find me doing a lot of ….. to pretend to respond. I guess I should do what I used to do. Hide in my corner and only write. Never comment.