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A young boy gives a gasoline station attendant a gift in South Africa

The power of friendship between a gasoline station attendant named Tony who did not give out his last name and Vaughn Fish began two months ago when Vaughn’s mother Mandy Fish stopped by a gasoline station in KwaZulu-Natal South Africa to pump gasoline into her auto.

What happened next is an amazing story since Vaughn was under the weather when Tony earned his friendship with the young boy by making him feel better with his smiling and positive view of life that encouraged Vaughn to start a friendship with Tony that has been solid as a rock from the first time that they met.

When Vaughn found out that Tony needed a bicycle to travel from his workplace to his home. Vaughn valued his friendship with Tony so much that the money he was saving for a family gift he decided to purchase a bicycle for Tony as a way of telling him “Thank you” for cheering him up when he was down on their first meeting two months ago.


It is nice to see young children put aside their desires of buying gifts for themselves to purchase items that their best friend needs.

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Written by Deepizzaguy

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      • I can imagine. There are political interests behind racial tensions, they will keep pushing the negative events and stories to increase conflict and start a civil war. I think the same will happen in Europe some day, they’re creating a distraction to make people forget the things that truly matter in this world. Fortunately, there are people like you who share positivity. ?

        • The reason politicians want war is to keep the economy going since I have seen some Three Stooges video shorts during World War II where the powers that be mention in the video that wars keep their business of keeping their subjects under their rule.

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