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A teen with special needs get a new bicycle from the Cleveland Police

Cleveland Police Officers Ross and Raddell answered the call from the mother of an 18 teenager who was missing after he went riding a bicycle that belongs to his sister last week.

By the time the two Cleveland police officers arrived at the home of the 18 year old teenager who was reported missing, the teenager who answers to the name of Elvis even though his last name was not revealed to the public for I guess is privacy reasons was home safe and sound.

What happened next when the two officers were able to get the details of the incident, they found out that Elvis has special needs. Elvis uses his sister’s bicycle to ride around the neighborhood without bothering anyone.

Of course people who do not like Elvis will pick on him since he is riding a bicycle that is pink colored and since Elvis is not likely to defend himself from neighborhood bullies, he is fair game for the bullies in Cleveland.

Officers Ross and Raddell then were able to grant Elvis his wish to ride on a bicycle that has his favorite color with is red.

Thanks to the Cops For Kids Program, the two police officers were able to give Elvis a new bicycle and a police hat as a gift to the teenager.

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It is nice to see two Cleveland police officers go beyond the call of duty and give a teenager a bicycle that he can his own.

The alternate would have been for the two police officers to let this incident slide since no one was hurt in a severe way by bullying a teenager who has special needs.

Thank goodness the two police officers made friends with the members of their community which will not make the evening national news anytime soon since it will not appease the corporate sponsors that foot the bill for the television networks to bombard us with tragic news.


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