A Successful Woman – 3

Micky Gaynor walked into the room, and I saw no one else.

I wanted to run across the room, like a teenager, and leap into his arms, I wanted to ….  but Micky Gaynor;  Doctor Micky Gaynor, had his arm around a woman, who wore a wedding band. A wedding band that matched the  one on the hand he put on her shoulder as he led her to their seats.

Mickey Gaynor.

I had been at the hospital about a year when Micky transfered in. The hospital he’d been at had combined with another and the residents were scattered.

We didn’t see each other  right away, but overtime we found each other.

We became inseparable, soul mates, lovers,  no one in my life ever filled me as did Micky.


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Written by jaylar

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