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A kitten that had his head stuck inside a jar saved by a rescue team

A strange story that appears to be from a science fiction television show comes from Pittsburgh Pensylvania about a male kitten that was hiding under a shed in the South Park neighborhood this week that had a plastic jar on his head.

The Homeless Cat Management Team received the call to rescue the kitten from dying from either starvation or dehydration if the cat did not get the plastic jar removed from his head in time.

The rescue team set a trap to get the kitten to get away from his hiding place underneath the shed. When the kitten with the jar on his head was captured by the rescue team that was placed inside of a cage, the kitten was taken to the Companions First Veterinarian Clinic where the medical staff who remove the jar from the kitten’s head.

The medical staff was able to remove the jar from the kitten’s head successfully. The kitten is now being made available for adoption to a loving family that will enjoy having the kitten who is being called “Jar Kitty” is now being called “Binks” since the medical staff of the hospital are fans of the “Star Wars” character named  “Jar Jar Binks.”

It is amazing to know that the city of Pittsburgh has a homeless cat rescue team to assist homeless cats find a home.

I seriously doubt that the kitten had his head stuck inside a jar by an act of evil by a human being who hates cats or was playing a cruel joke on an innocent kitten.


What do you think?

Written by Deepizzaguy

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  1. Cats are very curious and unfortunately, they often get stuck. Especially in things like jars or cans that smell like food. Luckily, this kitten got helped! Thanks for sharing positive stories!