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3 things that will set you free

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If you are going through a difficult period or see no solution for some complicated situation, there are three truths that will instantly make you feel better, as long as you accept them as facts and continue with your life.

1. No one can please everyone all the time

Think of the best person you know in your life. Is that person, which is the best one in your eyes, loved by everyone as much as she’s loved by you? Does she get criticized by someone occasionally? Once you understand that everyone sees in the others only what he has inside him you will realize that not everything you experience is your fault. Get rid of other people’s opinion and see miracles happening in your life.

2. You do not have to be the person you were yesterday

If everything changes, so can you! The person you met twenty years ago and you consider it as your best friend is not the same person you met twenty tears ago. The parents that rise you up are not the same who you share your dinners with. Everything and everyone changes, mostly as a consequence of their experiences. Therefore you are under no obligation to be the same person you were yesterday. Set new goals, have no fear and go for whatever makes you happy.

3. Nothing nor no one is perfect

Do not feel bad when told by someone that you are doing something bad or wrong. Who actually puts the standards? Who can prove you that you actually are wrong? There is no such thing as “perfect”. Everyone is trying to save themselves by blaming the wrong things on the other people. Just be happy with who you are and let no one tell you that you are less worth it than you believed at first place before they tell you how you should be.


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