2 Nostalgic Songs from my Teen Years

Thursday, 9.10.20

While browsing on Youtube, I stumbled upon two music videos that brought back nostalgic memories from my teenage years. I became first aware of them because of the movies, but I didn’t really like the movies that much. I thought they were OK. I was more into the songs. They have a good beat, which makes them good songs for exercise workouts, such as aerobics that was very popular during the 80s. 

I am surprised that I don’t have the cassette tapes for these songs. I probably just recorded the songs from my radio on an empty cassette tape. 

Although I cannot dance, I have always liked dancewear fashions as outerwear, such as ballet flats, wrap blouses, dresses, and skirts, tights, legwarmers, skater skirts, etc.


What do you think?

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