Chris Morgan is Bagel Boss


The funniest meme from last week was from a guy called ‘Bagel Boss.’  This 5’0″ guy goes into a bagel store in Long Island and begins to disrespect all of the women working behind the counter because he cannot find companionship on dating sites.  He starts ranting about women do not date men that are vertically challenged, but he is wrong for taking out on the women in the store.

Then, he is roughed up after starting a fight.  It’s sad that he has not embraced his height because I have no problems with women.  Plus, I am shorter than him.  Chris Morgan, become confident in who you are instead of basing your self-worth upon the opinions of the masses.


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  1. This is interesting. As you say, five feet is not particularly short, and there are plenty of women of similar height who would never dream of poking fun at him – although it must get very annoying when people do.

    His behaviour is going to get him nowhere, apart from raising his blood pressure to a dangerous level.


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