You Have The Key Of Quality Life In Your Own Hand

Your key to a successful life was handed over to you the day you were born!

As imperfect human beings, we make mistakes in life, but we are responsible for both the good and the bad things we do. Thus, we have the key to open the best opportunities to a successful life or fail in life without blaming anyone.

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Many have the habit of blaming others for their failures, which usually takes its toll on them, from self-destruction to depression, loneliness, and other psychological problems. Because they used the precious time blaming others for their failures than finding the route to the path of success.

In a society designed in a way that if one doesn’t appear on television, you aren’t considered an important person, everyone wishes to be somebody. With the enormous desire to be great, greed, and selfishness rule the heart of many which take its toll on them along the line.

If your neighbor uses an expensive car, while you use a bicycle, don’t feel embarrassed. Just be content with what you have to be comfortable in life than having sleepless nights. Yes, many can’t sleep due to many bills they have to pay. At times, such situations can be prevented.

Your strong desire to get what your neighbor has had taken its impact, driving you penniless. One must always be careful what he wishes for. It may be likely that your neighbor is doing illegal activities to generate his money but you don’t know. Always remember that not everything that glitters is gold.

Everyone has a problem. Even though friends can let you down, you can pick up yourself to survive and make the best out of the situation. It’s always good to share what is bothering you with the one you trust. A little advice will not only bring good results but also eliminates depression and suicidal tendencies.

You might not be happy with your job because your boss or colleagues are exploiting you. This breaks you down physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Never quit that job until you find the right job. Many take harsh decisions to quit when they haven’t got a new job yet.

In life, don’t underestimate or hate anyone because that person may be your helper in the future. If you occupy a good position be kind to others. They will always remember and talk good about you. That is a blessing and in the future, should in case you encounter any problems they will help you because you did that before.

Always remember that life is not a bed of roses, even though many were born with silver spoon in mouth. Life, to me, is like a driver making a long distance journey. If you drive safely, you’ll reach your destination safely and if drive carelessly, you’ll end up in a ditch or even death. Choose to drive safely and live a happy long life.


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Written by JoelSavage


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