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Why do women leave their men?

Sad, women leave men, even if they like these men. A woman’s decision to leave a man has different reasons and reasons.

Here are 5 reasons why women leave men who love them:

They feel undesirable and unloved, it is not a secret that women want more love and attention than men. They do not really want them, but they need them. Women are different from men and are more rational and emotional. And if your husband or boyfriend does not pay attention to them, women choose to leave their relationship.

They feel like sexual objects: nowadays, sex is something more physical, something that most men only want to overcome, while women still need previous games, such as touching and kissing. But when a woman feels that her husband is there only for her when she needs sex, she decides to leave and look for a better partner.

The man is still working: financial security is something everyone wants, but once financial security means that the man is still working, a woman will not be very happy. But while women want to feel safe, they also want to spend time with their lover. And being with her is more important to her than a good car or a nice apartment. You must feel close, feel and contact you. If you are still at work, you will have a relationship with the phone, not with the real one.

Man does not share enough, I know there are different types of people, but once you’re in love, there’s nothing like showing your loved one how much you care. Unfortunately, not all men understand this. Many times, they choose to remain silent and not show emotion. This is a great waste of the relationship, especially because a woman must feel divided around her.

Man is immature, being childish is good, but being childish is not good. Women want a serious man who gets them, has dreams, skills and supports them and their desires. If you behave like a child, you go crazy for various reasons and behave like a child in a serious situation, your wife will abandon you very soon. Especially if you are not ready to change, to develop. Women do not want to raise you. They want a mature man, ready to take responsibility and take charge.

Often, this is not just one reason why women abandon men who love them. Most of the time, there are many reasons why women lose their partners.


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Written by Ali Shehzad

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  1. I can say proudly that I have a 24-year marriage with my husband. it matters to support each other when needed and to keep our hands in any difficult situation. as to joy, wealth and happiness anyway we are together. we and all couples. it’s like the secret lies in going past the bad ones. what today’s first rain is already breaking apart. they do not know that after every rain the sun rises!


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