With A Smile

The sound of putting a start bell key.Become an adult while flowing. Running spare days spending. The time to come away. The answer given here. Oh if I can hand down somewhere. People walking while hesitating. I can become a light to illuminate. From rising morning sun to the first star in the sky. Looking back nostalgic scenery. You next to me looking forward. The end of the wrapped green belt. I aim for the next tomorrow. On the bookshelf lined in the library. Leave unknown and fly away. We return to the same road. Not knowing differently. Sometimes I feel staggered. Oh if you admit it with a smile. Just being protected there. Like the days the birds will cross. Surely spread across the blue. Shadow stretching. The sun will shine and my heart will clear up. From the mist that hits the high sky to the sun peering through. The commonplace after school voice. I can still hear from the neighbor. Shameless town blowing in the wind. Courage to head this chest.


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Written by seriopscual

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