What is coaching and what to expect from coaching?

Although coaching taking over the world in record time, is incredibly popular and is becoming increasingly popular , with us is, I think, from talking to people, it is still somewhat mysterious .

One of the reasons why people in our region have an aversion to coaching is that they do not know what coaching is based on , they do not know what to expect.

I know people who, if I let them, can complain for hours – the country is terrible, there are criminals everywhere, prices are awful, education is terrible, there is no work, people are like this. In short – everyone is guilty, except them.People who spend time pointing their finger at other people, situations and circumstances beyond them, rarely notice the other three fingers pointing back at them.

This attitude of disclaimer serves as the perfect excuse. Namely, if everyone around them is guilty and so has power over their lives (“I can’t change politicians, not even prices,” they will tell you), what is left to them? To complain, of course. They don’t have to do anything else because, well, they have no power.

At the same time, they will spend hours reading articles on the Internet about the latest tragedies in the world, crying over the fates of abused children and the like, wondering why life is cruel and the world is suffering. Without taking any concrete steps to improve the quality of your life, let alone someone else’s.

Playing the role of the victim , they remain in a vicious circle of suffering and wailing, sometimes all their lives, solely because of their beliefs .

A perfect example is a person I know who believes that “no one will hire her because she is too many years old and there is no job anyway.” Guess how many job applications the person has filled out and submitted since losing their last job? Exactly, none.What is the chance of getting a job if he doesn’t apply? Who is to blame for failure ? Lack of jobs? Years?Or a restrictive belief that prevents her from trying to find a job at all?

Sometimes people in similar situations touch the bottom and it becomes perfectly clear to them that something needs to change and they are ready to do whatever it takes to improve their situation.

Coaching is there to help normal people , like the ones above, become exceptional .

Coaching is different from counseling, consultation or therapy . Coaching is a meaningful conversation between coaches and clients that inspires them to step out of their comfort zones and take the initial steps toward what they want to do and be .

Coach is the person who helps the client identify the changes they would like to make, and helps them through the process of achieving their goals .What we don’t do is give advice, or tell clients how to live their lives .

The premise of coaching is that the client is the only expert in their life, and that only the client knows what to do . Coach is a client relationship expert, and is here to ask questions and offer clients a variety of tools to help them find answers within themselves. Namely, each of us already has all the resources he needs to accomplish whatever he wants .

People who find themselves in a situation where they understand that something has to change and are ready to take responsibility for their lives and the results they achieve are the people who will profit from the coache. People like this do not enter into a relationship with a coachee expecting the coach to “fix” them, because, at some level, they already realize that they are not broken.This is one of the most important, if not the most important, assumptions of coaching.- No client is “broken “. No client is a victim of their circumstances.

The role of the coach is to show the client that only he / she has power over the results in his / her life. Coach is here to help you recognize the fact that everything is right with you, and that you are able to fulfill all your dreams. My role is to show you that the only thing standing between you and achieving your goal you are by yourself .

People are usually afraid of failure. Fear of failure , or rather, the fear of the meaning they give to failure becomes the biggest reason why some people do not even try to achieve their goals . This approach to life often leads people to make decisions based on past experiences and the results that similar decisions have made in the past.If they have experienced failure or rejection in the past , they will expect similar results in the future , which will prevent them from trying to fulfill their dreams, take risks and do what they really want to do in life.

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