Vintage Names Rarely Used in UK

Monday, December 2, 2019

I thought this video is interesting because she lists vintage names that are forgotten. I guess no one uses them anymore. They sound like old people names.

Pretoria—for a girl; I think it sounds like a pretty and girly name, like a petunia flower. This could work also for a feminine and soft girl, if you want something unique. 

Redvers—for a boy, which would be interesting for a redhead boy, or it even sounds Ivy league and upper class. It could work out and be cool, if someone wanted a different name.

Horace—means hour in time. I was thinking it means “Eye of Horace.” This is a weird name. Horace sounds like “horse,” and some kids might call Horace a “horseface” as a joke.

Majorie—is an herb name; I have heard of Marjorie as a name, but not Majorie. It is different and interesting.

Edgar—means to be fortunate and powerful. Who would name their kid Edgar? It rhymes with vulgar. He would definitately have a nickname, such as Eddie. 

Blanche—is French for pure and white. Yeah, Blanche looks like an old lady’s name for someone’s grandmother. I would assume that woman had a nickname as a kid. I think one of the Golden Girls characters was a Blanche, whether real name or character name. 

Morris—means dark. Yeah, Morris is more common as a last name. But for the past decade, or even before, last names have become first names for many kids. I have also noticed many kids named Tyler, Taylor, Braden, Nelson, Kirk, etc…

Rhoda—means rose. Yeah, there was a old sitcom, during 60s called Rhoda. 

Cissie—for a girl, like Cici; Cici is more common nowadays, especially on the internet, kind of like Fifi. But I remember a character on old sitcom, Family Affair, the teen girl’s name was Cissy. 


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